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Below are links to reliable veterinary resources. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite resources for your convenience.

Dog-Related Sites

Basic Dog Care from Purina.

The Senior Dogs Project. A website devoted to looking out for older dogs.

The American Kennel Club’s list of dog breeds from A to Z.

Cat-Related Sites

The Cat Fancier’s Association has information on cat shows, cat breeds, and cat care, as well as a showcase of top-winning cats.

Cornell University Veterinary School’s Feline Health Center website contains information on medical topics relating to cat health care.

Ohio State University’s Indoor Cat Initiative provides information related to enriching the lives of indoor cats.

Heartworm is not only a disease for dogs; cats can get Heartworm, too. Learn more at The Feline Heartworm Society.

Information about Feline Hyperthyroidism.

Exotic Pet Information

Avian Web.com – a comprehensive web resource for birding, bird care, avian health, and breeding.

Anapsid.org – Herp and Green Iguana Information Collection.

Tortoise Forum – An Online Community of Tortoise Experts.

General Pet Sites

  • The ASPCA exists to promote humane principles, prevent cruelty and alleviate fear, pain, and suffering in animals.
  • Visit the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center website for any animal poison-related emergency.
  • If animals were able to talk, you would find their voices at The Humane Society of the United States. The Humane Society promotes the protection of all animals. Here you will find many wonderful animal-related stories and lots of valuable information on pet care, pet adoption, and animal welfare issues.
  • Learn more about the human-animal health connection at Pet Partners.
  • A Source of Information for You and Your Pet.

Pet Loss Information

The University of Florida offers a Grief Support Hotline plus some articles on coping with pet loss.

Tufts University offers a Grief Support Hotline and articles regarding the loss of a pet.

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Pet Loss Support Hotline.

Traveling With Your Pet

Visit DogFriendly before you plan your trip.

Basic information on domestic and international travel of pets by the US Department of Agriculture.